We offer reliable, comprehensive, customized ATM solutions.
We offer reliable, comprehensive, customized ATM solutions.
We offer reliable, comprehensive, customized ATM solutions.

ATM Universal Processors is a full-service ATM provider committed to delivering the best ATM solutions and services to both prospective and current clients.


We specialize in...

We specialize in...



Provide your customers with a convenient location to access their cash by setting up an ATM in your location. We offer several different ATM options to best meet your needs. Our FREE No Cost/No Risk ATM Placement Program is completely hands-off and hassle-free, making it our most popular option for those looking to get an ATM installed.



Need us to load and maintain your machine’s vault cash? Not a problem. If you are within our service area, our team of specialists will provide and load the machines. If you are not, we have access and relationships with people who can. Free up your cash to grow your ATM business while also ensuring your ATMs never experience cash shortages.



We have established excellent relationships with all the top banks. Unlike other processers our set up is entirely free and we require no contracts whatsoever. Allow us to be your processor and start making more money immediately.



We recognize that it is important to keep your machine up and running smoothly. We use technology to anticipate problems before they arise, but in the rare occurrence of an actual service issue, we limit your down time by making reliable repairs incredibly fast.



With decades of combined experience in the ATM industry, we are the professionals you need to advise you on a various amount of ATM business decisions. Whether it be helping you evaluating your locations to sell or deciding if a purchasing a new route is a good opportunity, let us help you.

Customization 2


To increase visibility and branding, allow us to help customize your ATM with unique wraps. We can also provide secure and distinct outdoor enclosures. When it comes to customization, from digital toppers & outdoor enclosures to customized wraps, we have you covered.

Overview of Our Solutions

ATMs are a virtual self-service channel, and banking consumers expect services to be offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Maintaining and reliably running an extensive
multi-vendor ATM network is an operationally demanding and costly task for banks. Banks are reworking their ATM business strategy to meet two competing demands: provide an outstanding client experience while driving down costs.

As a top atm service company, we operate ATM networks for various banks across USA as a key participant and trusted partner in the payments sector. We assume a single mantle of responsibility for ATM operations under a managed service agreement, including site selection and implementation, vendor management, cash management services monitoring, and regulatory compliance.

Financial institutions have the option of entrusting us with the complete management of their ATM programme or of entrusting us with a subset of those responsibilities. When banks put their efforts into what brings in the most money, they may improve the quality of their services, cut costs, and boost efficiency.

What Makes ATM Solutions Services Best?

The Most Recent Technology

Our system is built on a solution many sectors are presently migrating to. We have established cloud-based central server capacity for each financial institution we service, simplifying present and future technological integration. We, as a top atm service provider, employ secure wireless communications, which allows us to be flexible in terms of solutions, locations, and mobility. We provide a full range of the most recent transaction delivery devices, from the most basic cash dispenser to Assisted Self Service.

Prescriptions for Cell Phones and Other Portables

Mobile options are increasingly important to consumers and should be incorporated into every transaction delivery system. As part of our mobile solutions, we build mobile- friendly websites to accommodate current and future features. We provide cutting-edge, user-appealing tech via Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and geo-locating tools, putting your solutions at the top of search results and within easy reach of your target audience. Our social media advertising is more effective since we are up-to-date on the latest Google and other search engine guidelines.

Saving money

There are two main factors that contribute to our value. New tools are making it possible to reduce the cost of transaction delivery methods previously used. By removing the need for costly up-front product development, our unified ATM service solution reduces the costs associated with maintenance and vendor management. With our self-service functionality delivered via an ATM rail, we are able to generate transactional income, thus increasing our value.


Our cutting-edge technology lets us give first-rate service in every aspect of delivery,
from delivering solutions to ensuring constant operation. If you require ATM services
that really work, we can give them without the hassle of a drawn-out integration process.
Each of our systems is guaranteed to work because of our cutting-edge remote
administration tools and expert support team.

Modern Technology

Our cloud-based, wireless solution foundation enables Automated Transaction Delivery technology for both existing and future mobile applications. We're the only ATM supplier who lets you manage all of your channels from a single location. From mobile to assisted self-service, everything can work together seamlessly thanks to this solid groundwork.

Very Prompt Shipping

Our industry-leading Mobile solutions are the result of a dedicated team of professionals who are among the best and who are committed to staying at the cutting edge of their field. We are the only company that helps banks and credit unions recruit new clients by combining our expertise in marketing and transaction delivery and consumer care.

Excellent Value

Since our mobile solutions are technology-driven, their prices are far lower than those of more conventional methods, making them the most cost-effective option on the market. Because of our partnership, we are able to cut down on the money needed to create new products and the costs involved with keeping track of vendors. With our delivery fee model, you pay only for the tech you use every month.

Anticipating the Future

To be ahead of the curve and meet the needs of our clients, we regularly implement innovative new technology. We are working on a number of cutting-edge mobile technologies, including mobile banking, account opening through Web conferencing, and mobile transactions.

Our FREE No Cost/No Risk ATM Placement Program has helped thousands of businesses earn additional revenue.

Our FREE No Cost/No Risk ATM Placement Program has helped thousands of businesses earn additional revenue.

Businesses trust us.

Businesses trust us.

ATM Universal Processors has been in business for almost 15 years. In that time, we have successfully helped businesses of many types in all sizes. We have the expertise to deliver the products and services you need… including the little details that matter. Here are some of our happy partners…

Only the best machines...

Only the best machines...


How can we help you? Do you need a brand-new ATM, Cash Loading, Processing or ATM Business Consulting? Just let us know and we will be back in touch.
How can we help you? Do you need a brand-new ATM, Cash Loading, Processing or ATM Business Consulting? Just let us know and we will be back in touch.